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Stats about Martin Klizan, current world number 39.

Born {{player.fecha_nacimiento | date : longDate}}, citizen of {{player.pais}} ({{player.anios}} years {{player.dias}} days old)
Titles won
Challenger titles won
Finals lost

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    {{player.nombre}} lost {{earlyExits.length}} opening matches lately (last {{tournaments}} tournaments)
  • {{player.apellido}} won an average of {{tournamentAvg | number : 2}} matches per tournament in the last {{tournaments-1}} tournaments he played (includes qualification matches, if any)

Between {{}} and now, Klizan has moved between world number {{ranking.limits.max}} and {{ranking.limits.min}}

Martin Klizan's effectiveness after reaching QF:

Klizan has reached quarter-finals or better {{}} times. {{postqf_stats.lost_qf}} times he lost playing quarter-finals, {{postqf_stats.lost_sf}} playing semi-finals and {{postqf_stats.lost_f}} times at the final match. He went on to win the tournament {{postqf_stats.won}} times. He hasn't won a tournament yet.

{{player.nombre}} has not reached a quarter-final yet...
Lost playing Quarter-Final
Lost playing Semi-Final
Lost the Final
Won the tournament

Tournaments won by Martin Klizan:

Martin Klizan has won {{torneos.count}} ATP Tour tournaments, so far. Breakdown by category:

{{player.nombre}} has not won any tournaments... yet.

Klizan has spent {{topten.totals.top10}} weeks inside the top 10. Broken down by ranking:

{{player.nombre}} has not reached the top 10 yet.

These are the best results in Grand Slam Tournaments for Martin Klizan.

Last 30 matches played. Doesn't include Challenger or David Cup matches.

{{player.nombre}} is on a {{partidos.racha}}-match winning streak!

These players have beaten Klizan in quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals of ATP World Tour Tournaments. The matches Martin Klizan lost are weighted by the round at which he was beaten (QF, SF, F) and the category of the tournament (Masters 1000 defeats are worth more than ATP 250 defeats):

Matches were weighted using:

  • QF matches -> 0.25
  • SF matches -> 0.5
  • F matches -> 1
  • ATP 250 matches -> 0.25
  • ATP 500 matches -> 0.5
  • Masters 1000 matches -> 1
  • GS matches -> 2
  • Tour Final matches -> 1.5
  • Olympics matches -> 1.25

Only rivals with a stoppage index high above the average are considered for this section ( >= 1.25 standard deviations), so the section might be empty.

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Martin Klizan vs top 10 players ({{top10.wins}}-{{top10.defeats}})*

Martin Klizan, playing ATP Matches, has faced a top 10 player {{}} times. He won {{top10.perc_w }}% of the time. Against top 5 players, he played {{}} matches. He won {{top5.perc_w }}% ({{top5.wins}}) of those.

* Does not include Davis Cup matches.

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